Westcare Facility Services has secured the use of a suite of software tools called Grounds Tracker and Snow Tracker which provide real time data and alerts to our clients.  The Tracker software has been designed to provide Westcare with the ability to record when our crews arrive on site, what activities are performed, add site condition notes and much more, all in real time.  On a per site basis, we can set up alerts so that key personnel are informed as crews arrive, complete work and leave the site.  Each activity log is time and date stamped via log entries on a smart phone by each crew member or team lead.  Access to accurate, real time data not only provides a powerful tool to exchange information with our clients, but it can help reduce liability.  Slip and falls and other site risks can be mitigated by having access to this date overlaid with site specific weather conditions provided by Environment Canada.

By using existing smart phone technology, it’s a tool that does not require additional hardware or network usage while on our clients site.  We can set up a Geo-Fence which uses the longitude and latitude coordinates of your sites and then we set up a perimeter around your property.  All cell phones use GPS to track their location so it prevents a crew member from signing in and creating a service log until they are actually on your site.  We can track number of person hours and activities on a per site and per employee (or team) basis for accurate record keeping which can be tied into our contractual service metrics.

A scheduling feature is available to ensure certain tasks are preformed by required times or in a required sequence.  Crews have the ability to add notes and photos to support site conditions that could impact their ability to complete tasks.  For instance, if a parked car has blocked access to a garbage storage room, a time and date stamped photo can be uploaded.  Then when the car has moved the garbage can be cleared and recorded.

By using the latest mapping software, we can create detailed instruction sets for snow removal and where to pile it.  If a new crew member comes to your site for the first time, they will have access to this data to ensure the work is done correctly and any unique site conditions are known.  Parking lots, side walks and other areas can be precisely measured by clicking and forming a polygon shape over top of the map itself.  The accurate measurements and ability to add notes to specific areas on each client site allows Westcare to provide precise labour requirements and that any unique requirements are being met.

Both Tracker tools are provided by Crawford Compliance, a subsidiary of Crawford & Company Canada, a publicly traded, 75 year-old company providing a wide variety of services to the insurance and risk management industries.  Crawford Compliance has developed a series of tools to help mitigate contractor risk, improve compliance with health and safety regulations and exchange of real time data between contractors and their clients.


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